What is the Cord Commander?

A universal cord organizing solution for your mobile charger.


How is the Cord Commander better?

     Our cord organizer attaches to the charger.


Why is that better?

Your charger becomes a cord organizer too!


How is that beneficial?

Now, all of your excess cord can be stored right on your charger.


Is there another advantage of storing the cord on the charger?

No messy wire bundles hanging from your charger like wraps, ties or Velcro strips.


What if I travel with my chargers?

With Cord Commander, you'll love how the cord and charger are stored together as one unit.


How does the Cord Commander attach the cord organizer to the charger?

The patented “plug-and-play” docking slots provide a secure attachment to your charger.


Are there any other benefits to "plug and play" docking?

It provides the universal charger compatibility.


Can I use the Cord Commander for other chargers?

Yes, it can be used with other portable electronic device chargers – Bluetooth headsets, hot-spot devices, modems, wireless routers, and small, portable cordless appliances. The charger needs to be a non-polarity type and is able to fit into a pair of docking slots.


What is a non-polarity charger?

Both blades/prongs of the charger are the same size.


What is the difference between the Android and Apple version?

 They are exactly the same except for the slot locations and number of slots on the base where the charger docks.


Where is the Cord Commander made?

Made in Gardena, CA USA.