Cable Management for Hatch Sound System Chargers

Our Apple Commander is the best cable management product for all Apple chargers. However, did you know our Apple Commander can also be used with your Hatch Sound System charger? Yes, it can. It will get your Hatch charger cord neatly organized and stored – right on the charger! Our Apple Commander is the handiest cord organizer ever and very universal. We re-designed it so it will organizer almost every Apple charger from their iPad Pro and iPhone Pro 11 charger (USB-C 18 watt) to the MacBook (USB-C 29 watt) charger. Did we say our Apple cord organizer has been organizing iPhone (5 watt) and iPad (10 watt) chargers since 2015. Our charger accessory will add the cord organizer to your charger. The excess cord that was cluttering your living space can now be neatly stored right on your charger. Our unique cable management product is essential to people who want, need and desire to have their Apple charger cords neat and tidy. And our one product is the best cable management product to help make your living spaces a little neater.