Our patented design provides the Cord Commander with a couple of unique advantages:

First, our Samsung compatible model is the only product on the market that can dock with Samsung’s cellular and tablet type chargers. This version will fit most Galaxy, Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, & Galaxy Tab chargers.

Second, the Apple compatible version is the only product on the market that can dock with either the iPhone charger (5 watt cube) or iPad charger (10 watt).

Third, we will be introducing a version for Bluetooth chargers. This design will also be the only product that can dock with many 1st generation phone chargers, flip phone and slider style chargers.

Fourth, next year, we will be releasing a version that will work the other leading major cellphone brands.

For our customers, the Cord Commander is uniquely:

Convenient – Carry, store or leave it on the outlet.

Simple – Adjust cord length for varied locational uses.

Easy – The hub provides tidy cord wrap up and unwinding.

Compact – The size of your charger plus 3 thimbles.

Universal – Works with multiple charger versions (Brand Dependent).

Portable – Ideal size for brief cases, luggage and purses.

Secure -Docks to the charger to become a semi-permanent, single unit.

Versatile – Any standard wall receptacle or multi-outlet strip.

Durable – Made from sturdy, non-breakable plastic.       

Cord Commander’s main design features:

  1. Specially designed mating base with insertion slots for chargers’ prongs.
  2. Uniform hub for easy wire wrap up and unwinding.
  3. Positioned notches to secure wire positions and lengths.
  4. Plastic is UL 94V-0 flame-retardant material.
  5. Tested to comply with cTUVus safety standards.

We provide the ultimate Charger Cord Organizer for non-polarized type chargers. Non-polarized chargers (sometimes referred to as ac adapters or external wall mount power supplies) are the most commonly used construction for powering cell phones, computer tablets, hand-held electronic devices, small electronic games, and Bluetooth devices. Our charger cord organizer is called - Cord Commander. We believe this product is the most handy and practical cord organizer on the market to clean up cord excess from countertops, drawers, floors, and walls. This product is the best phone charger accessory to help you control untidy cord mess from cell phone chargers.

The Cord Commander product line provides the most effective Charger Cord Management system available to every cell phone user looking to tidy up their personal cord mess. Our product is simple, convenient and functional. It offers each charger cord management thorough a hub designed for trouble-free cord wrap up to retain the cord surplus and can be quickly unwound to adjust cord length for varied locational uses. One of the neat features of the Cord Commander product regardless of the version you use, each Cord Commander “pairs” or “docks” with each charger to make it a semi-permanent, single piece attachment, essentially becoming an integrated part of the charger. We hope you will agree that the Cord Commander is the best charger cord management product on the market.

All of our products were created to offer a simple Charger Cord Control solution to the daily cord clutter problem everyone experiences from owning cell phone, tablets or hand-held electronics. Like most households, chargers are occupying more outlets in more rooms than ever before. The cord clutter problem only magnifies when you have multiple family members with multiple devices. We are expanding our product offering to include a version that will work for 1st generation phones, slider type phones, flip phones, and even Bluetooth chargers. The Cord Commander product enables the cell phone user and household a handy solution for all of its charger cord control needs.

Cord Commander, eliminating cord clutter one charger at a time.

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