The Best Product to Neatly Organize and Store Charger Cords!

UsefulEliminates cord clutter from countertops, drawers, floors, and walls.

Simple – Attach charger, wind cord, store it, carry it, or keep it on the outlet.

Convenient – Charges together, stores together, travels together

A Product for Every Brand of Charger

A handy solution to bring order
to annoying charger cords.
Compatible with leading cellular brand’s
tablet chargers or cell phone chargers.
Cord Commander is small and portable, easy to
carry or keep neatly parked on any outlet.

We make products to manage charger cords. This idea was inspired by the desire to clean up ugly, messy cord clutter created by the monumental growth in use of hand held electronic devices; primarily, the arrival of cell phones and tablets. For people who like neat or orderly surroundings, especially for their home or residence, we introduce the Cord Commander. As the name suggests, this is a product to take control and manage charger cords. We believe the Cord Commander may be the most handy and practical cord organizer available today.

What makes our line of cord organizer product unique is a patent pending design which effectively uses the blades as the connection point with the charger which allows a more universal fit for non-polarized chargers (the most commonly used type for charging cell phones and tablets). This provides the Cord Commander a unique feature to pair with a variety of cell phone manufacturer’s chargers. Additionally, this design features provides for its small size, making it most compact and portable. 

The Cord Commander was created to provide a simple, convenient and functional way to easily deal with charger cord excess. We think our product is the ideal phone charger accessory; and, the answer to ugly cord clutter that covers our countertops, drawers, floors, and walls. This new cord organizer line is marketed under the Cord Commander® brand.

Cord Commander, eliminating cord clutter one charger at a time.

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